Review: Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain

Written by Melissa M. Crespo

Kevin Hart's new movie "Let Me Explain" recently hit theaters. The 75 minute film follows the comedian on his stand up tour, in which the comic performs in various countries and cities, with the finale being in New York City's Madison Square Garden.

The film begins with Hart at a party he's hosting in New York City. Yet during the party, the comedian is confronted by different partygoers slamming him for his new found celebrity and his changed ways. Annoyed by this, he resolves to address such issues by explaining himself in concert at the Garden.

During the sold out performance in front of a crowd of 30,000, Hart begins his routine by asserting his current state of personal happiness. He begins with the topic of his divorce. A divorce that recently became finalized. A divorce he willingly admits to being at fault due to infidelity. And though Hart claims that he and his ex-wife are "applicable" (he meant amicable), this is groundwork for subsequent jokes about lies, relationships, sex, and the battle of the sexes.

A self-proclaimed liar, and a horrible one at that, the comic gets the crowd warmed up with his 20 minute rant about opting to fabricate the most fantastical lies, rather than owning up to responsibility. Hence the "deerbra" joke.

Now if you don't know what a deerbra is, don't worry because he goes on to explain exactly what it is. Ready? Wait for it . . . That's right. An animal that is half deer and half zebra. This odd, unfunny joke took a strange turn somewhere on its way to the punch line and left viewers like myself wondering, "Where was he going with this again?" But his ridiculous facial expressions and physical impersonations made me forget my confusion.

He goes on to discuss his dating woes, which segue into the differences between men and women (the oldest comedian joke in the book). Yet Hart does not put a unique spin on it. I mean despite the fact that he is physically amusing, jumping and gyrating across the stage, his comedy is more comparable to buffoonery. It lacks intelligence and wit. His anecdotals resonate with people because he's silly and over the top. Another instance of this is when he admits his biggest fear will be the day his ex-wife remarries and his kids inherit a step dad. But not any step dad, the villainous step dad that can potentially beat up the 5'2" super dad, especially if super dad stands at the height of step dad's waistline. I think you can conclude where he goes with this joke.

Though raunchy and rambunctious, he is likable because his antics remind you of the friend in your social circle that is great at making others laugh because of their foolishness, not necessarily because what they say is funny.

All in all, though not an avid Kevin Hart fan, I am a fan of sidesplitting humor and "Let Me Explain" will not have you laughing hysterically. His energy on stage is appreciated but the question begs to be asked, how many different ways can he imitate what a crazy woman looks like, the reaction of a woman when she realizes she is wrong, and the sounds men make when they've been caught in a lie? Thus leaving me with more questions than clarification. Please explain.